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Prototyping is the vital step for testing the product before production. As the turnkey supplier, Minewing has been helping customers make prototypes for their ideas to verify the product’s feasibility and find out the deficiencies of the design. We provide reliable rapid prototyping services, whether for checking the proof-of-principle, the working function, visual appearance, or user opinions. We take part in every step to improve the products with customers, and it turns out to be necessary for future production and even for marketing.

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To check the appearance of the design, the prototype for visual and user opinions provides a real product impact instead of imagination. By taking your idea to reality through prototyping, the inventors, investors, and potential users can enhance the geometric feature's precision. To check the structure of the design, the prototype can be assembled. It can intuitively reflect whether the structure is good and easy to install. Testing the function after assembling allows modifying the design at the early stage and avoiding the problems that could occur in further production. Whatever the issue for outer size and the issue for inside structure interference, they can be solved during the inspection of prototypes. To check the functionality, a working prototype represents all or nearly all the functionality of the final product. That is not only for the structural part but also for the combination between structure and electronics. By choosing the proper way for the processing accuracy, surface treatment, and materials to make the samples for testing. To reduce risks and save costs, adjusting the structure and function during prototyping is the ordinary method for a new product. The price for tooling modification is relatively high if structural or other issues are found when making tooling. And if the design is not catered to the manufacturing process, there will be risks during production, and the tooling structure is irreversible sometimes. We are capable of making prototypes by using various materials, such as PMMA, PC, PP, PA, ABS, aluminum, and copper. According to different purposes and the structure of the devices, we support you in making prototypes by SLA, CNC, the 3D printing, and silicone mold processing. As the JDM supplier, we are always dedicated to making samples in time for your design optimization and testing.

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